Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Citroen Technical Guide Pdf Download

Citroen Technical Guide Pdf DownloadThere are many car manufacturers, makes, models and versions on the road today but—as we all know—none of them compares to Citroën in its engineering excellence, especially regarding suspension comfort, roadholding, and stability. In this book we tried to describe how the various subsystems work. We never intended to replace service manuals or similar technical instructions. Illustrations are schematic, focusing on the principles of operation rather than on minute details of implementation. This guide is not linked to any specific Citroën model but describes all systems and solutions used on a large number of cars from the glorious line of DS, ID, CX, GS, GSA, BX, XM, Xantia, Xsara and the C5.

Table contents of The Citroen Technical Guide

* Fuel Injection: Electronic Fuel Injection ~ Diesel engines ~ Electronic Diesel Control ~ Diesel Direct Injection
* Suspension: A Suspension Primer ~ Hydropneumatic Suspension ~ Hydractive I ~ Hydractive II ~ Anti-sink system ~ Activa Suspension ~ Hydractive
* Steering: Power Assisted Steering ~ DIRAVI Steering ~ Self-steering Rear
* Brakes: Standard braking system ~ Anti-lock Braking System
* Electrical Systems: Multiplex network
* Air Conditioning
* Appendix: ORGA number
* Index

download http://www.elmotor.net/manuales/Citroen_Technical_Guide_English.pdf


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