Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 Ford fusion Trailer Towing Guide

2013 Trailer Towing Guide
In 2013 ford Fusion trailer towing could be dangerous if you don't know how to correct installation, therefore the company ford has provided Trailer Towing Guide specifically for those of you who would like to install it myself. and and highly recommended to follow this guide for the sake of safety and comfort during the trip

and I will share Tips on towing. This guide is suitable also for a mechanic. the first is you have to estimate the weight distribution, this includes handling and braking, the load should be distributed properly because if not it will make the vehicle is getting worse. the other thing is trying to keep the center of gravity low for best handling. recommended is about 60% of the cargo.

for vehicle weight must be on the front half of the trailers about 40% on the back. Moreover, all sides should be balanced is not easy and it takes time so don't be hasty gesa. It is important to pengoptimalkan the level of wear and tear.

actually this handler problems you can find on a ford fusion 2013 guide Trailer Towing Guide that has been discussed by and it would be better if you see it directly on her official website here where you will get a description more clear about this.


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