Friday, September 2, 2011

2004-2010 Toyota 4Runner front seat in Squeak noise Handbook

1. disconnect the battery terminal is negative (-). 2. remove the plastic covers part of front seat, use a plastic Pry tool to disconnect the claws and carefully remove the plastic seat cover piece. Note refer to the appropriate repair Manual Toyota for each model for detailed instructions about how to remove a piece of plastic seat covers. 4. remove the front seat Assembly LH. A. movement of gofoy full positionupright. B. Remove the four (4) seat track securing bolts. C. disconnect the electrical connections and to remove the Assembly of the complete seat. 5. remove the piece of the seat locating pins. A. seat removed from the vehicle Assembly seat tilt backward, to gain access to the seat part locating pins. B. use a cut-off tool to cut the power of two (2) locating pins, leaving 2 mm (0.1 in.) or less for each pin. • Note does not make the cut-off power to communicate with the part of the seat. JUST cut off the axis of the pin (near the base of the seat track). • The part of the seat locating pins function is to facilitate the installation during construction and does not provide any other tasks. Figure 5


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