Thursday, September 1, 2011

Manual installation of Toyota Tacoma Hypertech

this is Manual installation of Toyota Tacoma Hypertech speedometer Calibrator module integrated 1. Set parking brake wheel and adjust various settings to facilitate the removal of the Panel. 2. partially remove the tableside kick. a. using your hands, gently pull straight back to the tablekick. There are two version clips? one is shown below. Other clip is immediately below the one shown. 3. remove the disc of the coin. a. There are 4 clips that hold the cartridge in place. Gently pull out directly from the hyphen to remove the disc 4. Remove the driver side, lower instrument panel. a. using a 10 mm slot, remove the two screws as shown in the following photos. (b) is not necessary, but makes room to pull the seal door outside and away from the "average". This allows room for your fingers or trim back the removal tool from the tables. c. start in the lower left hand, gently separate the lower instrument panel by pulling out directly from the dash. i. When completely separated, lowered the floorboard


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