Friday, August 26, 2011

The brakes BACK Yamaha XVS650AN

Yamaha XVS650AN (C) REAR ADAPTATIONPeDISIS. Yamaha XVS650AN (C) FINANCIAL PERIODIKoS and PROSARMOGiS. REAR PeDISIS ADJUSTMENT 1. Control: the pedal height a non standard adjustment. Brake pedal height: 108 mm (4.25) (from the top of the footrests) 2. Adaptation: Steps of adjustment pedal: loosen the locknut 1. Turn the adjuster 2 or pedal until the specified height. Converting: pedal height is decreased. Get: pedal height increases. Tighten the locknut. Locknut: 7 Nm (0.7 mkg, 5.1 ftlb) 3. Brake pedal control: free play an outside specification. Free game (pedal): 20-30 mm (1.18 in 0.96) 4. Customizing: Free pedal play adjustment steps: turn the adjuster 1 or until the specified free game. Converting: brake pedal free play is decreased. Reach: increases the brake pedal free play. Make sure that there is no brake drag after adjusting the height of pedal and free game. REAR PeDISIS ADAPTATION INSP ADJ 5. Customizing: brake switch on "LIGHT SWITCH ADJUSTMENT-PeDIS NTOS.


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