Friday, August 26, 2011

Repair Manual Acura automatic gearbox

DIAGNOSIS of technical : 1. print a worksheet in the automatic transmission of a work station. • From the main menu, click SERVICEin. • Click on the ISIS (Publications Office). • Click to browse the publication. • Click the Aids work. • Click automatic transmission in the worksheet, and then click the printer icon. Controls 2. plane ATF. • If the level is OK, go step to 3. • If the level is low, add Honda ATF-Z1 and test-drive of the vehicle. -If A/T work properly, find and fix the cause of the leaking ATF. -If the A/T still has a problem, go to step 3 of 3. Drain the ATF through a strainer disposable paint in a clean container. Look for an infection (small pieces of metal or friction material) with strainer.



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