Friday, August 26, 2011

FUEL eGChYSIS SYSTEM for Aprilia RSV 1000

The main characteristics of fuel injection System RSV MILLE is as follows: 1. the right air/fuel mixture in real-time by the throttle valve is open, this pressure of overpressure and its engine running speed. 2. improve performance and speed up response thanks to the SW, which compensates for the mixture of air/fuel engine all running conditions. 3. Cleaning exhaust gas emissions of the fuel injection system. Variable timing depending on engine running on the Member States. Currently, the system is not configured to use the lambda probe. To determine the injection volume, vary the time of opening of the injector, the higher the volume, longer injection. To determine the injection time, there are many different sensors that can increase or reduce the injection volume of atmospheric pressure, air temperature, engine coolant temperature, air intake pressure, Accelerator position and engine rpm. The basic volume is given by injection and mapping of sensors send data to the electronic control unit, to compensate, in accordance with the engine operating conditions/bike this volume.


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