Friday, August 26, 2011

XMODS Custom RC Starter Kit

XMODS offers the ultimate control racing radio experience. Street Smart appears to comply with precision performance in a custom car just begging you to keep up to date. Your starter kit includes the following features ..
1) Aligning the flat wheel side of the flat side of the shaft and slide the wheel on the same axle.
2 Screw ) the nut on the axle and tighten the lug wrench supplied.
3) repeat steps 1 and 2 for each wheel batteries installed in the Chassis
1) make sure the power switch at the bottom of the frame is set to off (back).
2) Unsnap the battery compartment cover on the left and right side.
3) Place two AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries, the left and right partitions, depending on the symbols of the polarity (+-) marked on the inside.
4) supplemental program covers the battery in place. Assemble the bodywork of the car
1) to align the front bumper below the front edge and insert and tighten the two screws snugly.
2) align the hood to the front end and can enter four screws from beneath and Tighten snugly.
3) align the rear spoiler * at the top of the trunk and insert two screws from the bottom of the body and tighten snugly.
4) rear bumper Alignment beneath the rear end and insert and Tighten the bolts are properly applied.
5) Insert the image on the left side window of the wizard, and then insert a screw from underneath the House and tighten snugly. Repeat for the mirror to the right side.
6) alignment of the skirt left side below the body and insert and tighten the two screws snugly. Repeat on right side skirt



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