Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1994-01 Acura Integra and 1997-01 Honda CRV Hyper intake inlet/Dragon

Additional parts are needed when you have a Dragon, 1 x Coupler ''-(6-benzoylamino-3-sulfonato-2-naphthylazo)-biphenyl-1, 3'œ, 3?-4?-(6-benzoylamino-3-sulfonato-2-naphthylazo)-biphenyl-1, 3'œ, 3?/2 x 4?-(6-benzoylamino-3-sulfonato-2-naphthylazo)-biphenyl-1, 3'œ, 3? Clamp bolts securing the box to remove the air cleaner, loosen the clamps on OEM intake pipe OEM rubber. Delete the transfer of coolant/PVC hardline from OEMs and from the inlet to the engine. Mark the beginnings of hose wire coolant, install hose, 10 mm, supplied in a set location, 2. Remove OEM rubber tube, remove the air cleaner box OEM by pulling up. Wipe clean of any lubricant throttlebody, install 2.5 "-Coupler ''-(6-benzoylamino-3-sulfonato-2-naphthylazo)-biphenyl-1, 3'œ, 3? at throttlebody, safe from the OEM clamp. Insert a weapon * pipe, at the end "-(6-benzoylamino-3-sulfonato-2-naphthylazo)-biphenyl-1, 3'œ, 3? 2.5"-coupling "-(6-benzoylamino-3-sulfonato-2-naphthylazo)-biphenyl-1, 3'œ, 3?, safe from the belt. Measure hose, OEM PVC, replace hose supplied 10 mm PVC, install the port on the tube. Install the hoses from their place of origin and on arms * pipe, install the weapon * R Hyper filter on the end of the duct inlet. Note: Dragon/Secret Weapon filter options: to ignore the installation on a Hyper. Install the connector ' '-(6-benzoylamino-3-sulfonato-2-naphthylazo)-biphenyl-1, 3'œ, 3? at Dragon or the Secret Weapon of the air cleaner, safer with bracket supplied. Install filter set at the end of the weapon * R pipe, safe from the OEM clamp. Install the u-shaped part of the intake system of bracket under the belt on air filter. Install rubber mounting grommet to the nearest hole to weapons * air filter, Bending straight portion of the bracket mounted gum intake into the grommet. Safe with washer and nut enclosed in bracket kit. Air inlet pipe for the position, ensuring that no parts are touching any part of the vehicle. Check that the hood himself, re-adjust tube niewmontowanych excellent and clearances. Weapon locations * R CARB sticker in a conspicuous position in the engine room.



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