Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2002-up ACURA RSX (including 6-spd type-S) Precision Sport moving instructions

The B and M Precision Sport Shifter was designed to work on most 2002 + Honda Integra/Acura RSX (including 6-spd type-S) and the 2001 + Honda Civic models equipped with a manual transmission. It is designed significantly reduce shift throw and improve the feel of moving. Verification of components and tools lists at the beginning of these instructions supplied parts and tools required to install a network of B and M Precision Sport Shifter. Installation B and M Precision Sport Shifter can be obtained by anyone with minimal mechanical experience.

B and M Precision Sport Shifter can be installed in less than an hour carefully follow the instructions. Read all instructions first familiarize yourself with the parts, tools and procedures. This set contains all the items necessary for installation.

Step 1. Un-Snap boot with a knob, un screw and remove the shift knob.
Step 2 *. Lift and remove the shift boot/Center console.
Step 3 *. Remove 2 screws the Middle console. Tools: Screwdriver (Phillips)
Step 4 *. Delete item upper Centre console and disconnect the electrical connectors.



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