Thursday, June 23, 2011

Manual installation of Bi-Pipe Audi S4

The installation procedure, Bi-Pipe audi s4:
1. allow the engine to cool before you begin Setup.
2. Open the throttle body cover by twisting machines two ¼ turn Mounting screws and pull straight up on the cover.
3. remove the two screws securing the rozprowadzaly fresh air inlet.
4. delete the rozprowadzaly by pulling on the ?rst on the left, and then pull out.
5. remove the two nuts and washers 8 mm sensor security pulse.
6. remove the two 5 mm allen head screws pulse sensor security bracket and remove the bracket.
7. Gently distract the clip at the top of the chassis plug and unplug the pulse sensor plug-ins.
8. loosen the front of the throttle body boot clamps.
9. back the throttle body to Generously unscrew the clamp for boot.
10. Unscrew both increase the frequency valve clamps from intake pipes left and right and pushing snakes.
11. remove the two screws at the top of the lamp head passenger.
12. Unscrew the screw head lamp remaining through a hole in the fender.
13. Remove weakened bolts in fender with magnetic retrieval tool.
14. slide the head lamp left to loosen and remove the cartridge clip, and then copy to the front.
15. Gently distract the clip at the top of the chassis plug and unplug head light and blinker plugins.



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