Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2002-04 ACURA RSX-S race instructions header

Because it is a product of "Race", will meet the emission standards. How is a product of "Race", will also "check engine" light illuminating after three complete cycles. This is not a problem for obtaining the maximum performance. "Check engine" lamp does not cause the engine computer, go to the "safe mode". It is only an indicator function of the system. Special note for header stainless Racing Jackson: congratulations header stainless Racing Jackson. The trip of the header on the market today. Stainless steel is made of 100%. Including flanges. This will not be a Noncorrosive steels rust! But special care must be taken during installation and maintenance of stainless steel pipe, if you want to always look good.

When the oil or fat, or even finger communication at the
tubing, wipe the piping with detergent and water and towels to dry. This will leave the surface of Your header, so that will nieskazonym the beautiful color of Gold after the run. If oil or grease is allowed to stay on the surface will be permanently discolor the tubing.
Special Note: If you don't have the manual shop, buy now! It is useful to have for all repairs, now and in the future.



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