Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2000-2001 Acura Integra instruction System of cold air type r

Read and understand the instructions before attempting to reinstall this product.
1) Introduction
whether a vehicle is branded) parked on a level surface.
(b)) and set the parking brake.
c) Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
d) if the engine has been started within the last two hours to cool down.

2) removal of stocks of the intake airdelete a set of primary field) air and attach equipment on the inside of the fender well.
(b), disconnect the breather hose Cord) air intake.
c) disconnect the hose from the water bypass/throttle body or the rapid reaction of the thermo valve where the equipment, which is located in the lower parts of the body of the throttle. Disconnect the hose from the opposite side abandoning the water becoming water outlet of the exhaust manifold or neck. Delete all water bypass hose and breather hose connectors set from the vehicle.
(d)) and remove the cord pull in air inlet throttle body.
e) Jack on the front of the vehicle and support using the correctly rated stands of Jack.
and) delete lower front splashguard.
II), delete the Left front tire and remove inside splashguard (inner fender liner).
(f)) delete resonator from underneath the vehicle.

3) installing cold air
inlet pipe) the system shall cover the pipe and filter air turbo-flo.
b) install one black connector at the end of the Snake's body throttle the inlet pipe. This is the end nearest the nipple breather.
hose clamps and installation of two) # 48 connector hose and just snug it down into the hose.
c) install a connector hoses at the end of the inlet conduit. Securing the hose clamps on snakes and snug it down enough so that you can still adjust the position of the pipe, where it is installed.
i) install the inlet pipe by inserting one end of the area exposed by the removal of OE of the intake air transmission resonator. (For models equipped with AC, you will have to slightly bends the line AC is to clear the pipe to AEM, failure to do so may cause damage to the pipe or the line AC.)
II) support on the inlet pipe line will be well with the threaded hole on the inner fender. Install rubber Isolator mount and connect air inlet duct mount rubber. The large fender washer and nut for stud-Insulation installation and snug down. Rubber mount installation error causes a loss of all the guarantees of Cold air. Below is a diagram of how mount rubber should be installed.


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