Wednesday, June 22, 2011

K20A billet throttle cable bracket tube, instructions

This bracket is the solution for installing a K20A cable (R ITR, CTR, Euro-) activated throttle body K-Powered EG, EK, DC2 or EF when:
-Allowing short throttle cable OEM (Acura 17910-ST7-L01) swap
-Eliminate the interference of the throttle cable/bracket (from fuel tubes, hoses, Hoods, etc.)
-Made of aluminium 6061 T6 billet, tube, machined to high quality.

1. Obtain cable throttle Acura Reaction GSR 94-01 (Acura P/n: 17910-ST7-L01).
2. slide the metal retaining ring off the throttle cable boot.
3. the use of wire-cutting pliers to cut a slit foundations Ring, for removal of the throttle cable. Careful not to damage the throttle cable wires, while cutting.
4. using scissors to trim the throttle cable computer startup as shown. To cut a second bellow, leaving the three remaining on the bellows. Again, be sure not to allow a wire cable scissors mar steel braided throttle.

1. Unscrew two factories of the throttle cable M6 bracket 10 mm socket screws and remove the throttle cable bracket in the factory.
2. connect the cable, throttle tube billet bracket (46 mm height bracket for EG, DC2 and EF; 53 mm height bracket EK) via the reuse factories, M6 bolts. Tighten using sockets 10 mm.

1. Insert cable throttle Acura Reaction GSR 94-01 to the wall of fire vehicle and connect to the pedal. Then install the throttle cable to the throttle body and the voltage and adjust the throttle cable slack to specifications for the Honda/Acura service manual.
2. Proper throttle naciagiem should be easily achieved by the entire throttle cable adjustment range from the kabel Karcepts throttle GSR matches. If for any reason is insufficient for a proper tensioning adjustment, alloy pedal may additionally require adaptation. It is extremely rare, but may need to perform when the pedal stops previously been adjusted in the car.



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