Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1996-up Subaru Impreza WRX Precision Sport Shifter

The B and M Precision Sport Shifter was designed to work on most 1996-2003 Subaru Legacy and Impreza and 1996 and Subaru Impreza WRX model vehicles. It is designed to significantly reduce the projection of the shift and improve the way the action moving. Check the list of parts and tools at the beginning of these instructions supplied parts and tools required to install the network B and M Precision Sport. Installation of this B and M Precision Sport Shifter can be achieved by anyone with the minimum mechanical experience.
STEP 1. Unscrew the knob.
STEP 2. Pick up at the beginning of the console from the rear.
STEP 3. Remove the bolt and nut with moving inventory. Tools: 12 mm Wrench, Ratchet and 12 mm slot.
STEP 4. Delete (4) bolts a metal plate. Tools: Ratchet, extension and 10 mm socket
STEP 5. To remove a metal plate and Cut or bend off front maintains the card. Tools: channel Lock pliers Note: this plate will again rotated 180 °
STEP 6. Elevation and maintenance of the vehicle. Tools: Jack stands (4) and Jack
STEP 7. Delete the foundations of the ring at the bottom of the move. Tools: Retaining Ring pliers
STEP 8. Delete move and rings from the vehicle.
STEP 9. Try to lubricate the ball at the end of the move (B) and (M) Precision grease is supplied, and then reinstall the rings and pivot the holder on the move (B) and (M) ASSEMBLY.
STEP 10. Delete with a lightning bolt securing moving arm, Putting the front rubber wedge grooves. TOOL: Wrench (14 mm) and Flathead screwdriver
Steps 10-13 are optional and may increase the vibration.
STEP 11. Remove the screws securing the rear grooves wedge prorgram Remove wedge grooves and bolts. Tools: 12 mm slot, Ratchet and extension
STEP 12. Install rear B and M bushing, usiing M8 bolts, washers, locking and flat washers. Tools: 6 mm Hex get


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