Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Installation instructions for the FMIC Vauxhall Corsa

Installation instructions:
1. Jack the car up and supports secure on axis is. Work in each the arc of a circle, remove the two clips by pushing the Centre of each clip through external, which will release the clip. Be careful not to lose. 2. Turn the wheels on full lock and withdraw the edge of liner expose from the rear lever arch foglights, and then delete electrical connector to prising up the gray and removing plug-ins. 3. remove the three screws at the front edge of the bumper T20. 4. Pull each edge of the bumper from the plastic clips on the end of the wings by pulling from the end of the lever arch near first and work on behalf of the projection. 5. undo the four screws holding the top of the 8 mm bumper Panel, slam, taking care to promote the bumper to withdraw the last of the screws, then pull the bumper a LITTLE outside of the car to access air temperature sensor for the grill. Delete electrical connections and remove the bumper of the car. 6. using a flat broad bladed screwdriver, insert it into podtrzymujaca wire where fuel doladowanego join the intercooler. Lever upward to release the wire from the bottom of the clip, and then lever measure outside the clip away from the intercooler to release it from the top of the clip. This is what it looks like on the inside of the hose is levering up releases the two clips lower for the first time. 7. withdraw the two bolts 12 mm and exit on the outside of the rivet from both sides of the lower bumper support bar to remove it from the car. 8. undo the bolt 10 mm on the right side of the doladowanego, and using a pair of pliers, squeeze the clip on the left side to the issue of doladowanego. Lift doladowanego to free bolts at the bottom of Mount rubber on the chassis and remove it from the car. 9. Offer to new intercooler to the car and placed on pegs, two lower rubber mounts on chassis. Intercooler at pushing the upper brackets against the accident and draw around the tag with your tablet pen to mark the location of the mounting holes. Remove doladowanego from the car and two holes 6 mm in only marked. The holes should be on the bottom edge of the failure of the bar underneath the main face. 10. install the intercooler in rubber mounts, but this using the supplied allen head screws M6x12 pad underneath and blocking by the failure of the bar, securing the provided nyloc nuts M6. Download


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