Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Installation instructions for the wsporczy 3/5 door Peugeot 206

Installation instructions:
1. Disassemble the two handles in the lower part of the bumper and make the silencer (reception down with rubber handles). 2. in existing holes in the left and right chassis States introduced two special nuts (Caget Nut, 44x17mm). 3. cut a portion of the bumper (in the axis of symmetry of the, in the lower egde): width 50 mm, depth 30 mm 1.4. Put the main wsporczy bar (POS. 1) to the chassis members in this way, wsporczy openings undertakes to nuts (previously added) and patch all M10x35mm using screws (POS. 5) from accessories. 5. Tighten all bolts in accordance with the torque from the table. 6. Fix tow ball (POS. 2) bolts M12x70mm (POS. 4) with accessories wsporczy. 7. Establish a sockets (POS. 3), as shown in the figure. 8. the meeting of the silencer. 9. connect wiring socket 7-Poles in accordance with the instructions of the car. (Preferably on the authorized). 10. Full paint layers damaged during installation.Download


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