Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Porsche 996 Turbo exhaust and Tech Tips installation instructions

Installation instructions:
Step 1: raise the car with floor Jack and supports it with Jack stands, refer to the user manual of the owner if you are not sure how to raise the car with Jack floors. Their Porsche generally has particular points, which can be used for the abstraction of the car, located at the front wheels underneath rocker panelare those points.
Step 2: Remove the rear taillights.
Step 3: remove the 4 screws on the front bumper to stop the tape and remove the metal sheet, remove 2 screws right corner underneath the panels of the quarter at the end of the bumper, remove 4 torx screws and 2 other screws under the bumper, carefully pull out the bumper and disconnect registrationconnectors pull the bumper.
Step 4: Remove the bumper beam by removing the screws 2 x 16 mm, torx screws (2), which retain heatshields.
Step 5: Remove the factory air box and disconnect all connector 4 O2 sensor in the engine compartment underneath the tail lights, unplug all 4 (2 per page), now O2 sensor cables unclip from retaining clips, connectors, O2 should be now hanging below.Download


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