Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1998-2004 Volvo 850/S/V70 HID installation instructions

Installation instructions:
1. Take a set of procedures and Arrange everything. You can install the ballasts or tubers for the first time, but usually it is easier to first install the bulb. 2. remove the CAP access from the back of Your housing projections as shown. 3. drill a hole in the Centre of the CAP, as shown. If you Saw a hole, which is all you need. If you are using a small drill bit you will need to use Your dremel to cut a hole 1 ". You may want to use some of the sand paper so as to smooth the edges have been cut. 4. Some bulbs come with adaptors, which require some other cars (shown blue arrow). This installation does not require them. Volvo Take your plyers and their cut. This will allow you to remove the bulb case later on (shown by red arrow). 5. Feed the ends of the connector AMP heads through a hole from the inside out and the seat, as shown. Stamp seal 1 "provided the hole made by the user. Should have two connections originating from the same page as the bulb, which will ultimately connect to OEM cables-these will later be connected. Allow the bulb in case now. 6. Currently the overall set-up you can get what you need to connect to the length of the pipe ballasts, which passes the current CAP of headlamps. Find a place to mount the ballast that best suits your needs. Here are some examples of where people are fitted with theirs. Common space is on battery power, or simply by it for the exposed side of the drivers. Passenger side, some people are meeting install it on the ECU or again only for housing. One person who assembled it only to the passenger side shrowd fan as shown. You can use the links provided that post (more may be needed depending on the location of the Assembly), double sided tape (provided), or bolts or nuts and bolts (not supplied) to mount the ballast to a flat surface. Attached to the battery on the Drivers and to the right of fan shrowd passenger side. Tucked behind the headlight drivers housing and attached to the field of ECU passenger side using Double sided tape supplied.Download


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