Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Installation instructions Drycharger Peugeot 206

Installation instructions:
1. turn on the ignition and disconnect the Terminal negative battery vehicle. 2. Unbolt and remove bonnet of the vehicle. 3. remove the breather Assembly of the vehicle as shown; Press the yellow cards to the issue. 4. Unclip and remove the inlet hose with inter in the air and throttle Body. 5. remove the air of a complete a set of field from the vehicle by pulling it firmly upwards. 6. remove the tube breather air battery from the vehicle, as shown. 7. Take the necessary precautions raise in front of the vehicle as shown and maintenance vehicle with axle stands. 8. remove the wheels from the vehicle linear lever arch presented by deleting clips and 2 Torx screws using a small wrench provided. 9. Unclip JAWS indicated hose securing a snorkel intake resonator box. 10. remove the resonator box from the vehicle presented by pulling it towards the rear.Download


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