Wednesday, May 25, 2011

KSR207 KSR206 mounting instructions

KSR206 – MY05 Subaru Impreza WRX and Sti-on.
KSR207 – Liberty Subaru/Legacy, the BL/BP, 09/03-on
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KSR206 and KSR207 are set to be fitted to the steering rack, high performance. Whiteline by unique design with carefully selected hardness polyurethane offers improved control control and response while at the same time reducing thump the steering wheel and shudder. Design and dimensions have been completely revised in order to minimise the side with minimal changes to NVH. KSR206 and KSR207 are designed for more subtle high frequency to be even firmer control of the situation.
Both sets are supplied with a special set of tools to remove Bush OE.
Installation Manual:
Please refer to the instructions in the installation complete and verify a set of components prior to the commencement of work. Whiteline recommends that all work is carried out by a qualified technician.
1. Raise the front of the vehicle and support in respect of the safety of means of the chassis.
2. remove any guards chassis and braces for access to the steering rack.
3. Undo, and delete the steering rack Mounting screws and brackets.
4. Undo and remove the bottom of the coupling with a lightning bolt and slide the steering shaft, the steering rack shaft with coupling.
5. remove the Bush on the side of the passenger. This can easily be removed manually.
6. remove the driver on the side of the bushes. Use a set of tools to remove Bush delivered to extract 2 bushes on the driver's side (the pump). Use the fully samogwintujacej extract Bush to Cup. Repeat for the driver of the other side of the Bush.
7. with the bushes all removed for cleaning all surfaces of all dirt and apply grease supplied all surfaces of the fitting and bushes.
8. Install all 4 half-shrubs can be found on the drivers.
9. Push metal pipes to new 2 drivers on the side of the bushes.
10. install the passenger side Bush, with smaller round the shoulder section facing up.
11. Slide the input shaft of the steering rack back to join and tighten the locking screw. here


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