Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Installation instructions for the exhaust mufflers Porsche 997 NHP

Installation instructions:
Step 1: raise the car with floor Jack and supports it with Jack stands, refer to the user manual of the owner if you are not sure how to raise the car with Jack floors. Their Porsche generally has particular points, which can be used for the abstraction of the car, located at the front of the rear wheels underneath rocker panelare those points.
Step 2: loosen the nuts 13 mm clamps the cores, which catalysts to combine mufflers, after obtaining the nuts in the push motion losen twist clamp away further catalytic converter. If the sleeves are difficult to move, you can spray some WD40 enabling them to easily slide.
Step 3: remove the three nuts, which have the mufflers in place.
Step 4: Remove bumper bracket.
Step 5: you should now be able to remove the mufflers, pushing the silencer out of support of the silencer and applying pressure slightly by nudging the bumper to bumper with expandable silencer compress down pipe is in the road, but come down. Important note: For those who had scarves PSE, lock the vacuum in a vacuum hose insert the screws and tighten the small clamp bolts, safe vacuum hose with wrap draw brackets support the silencer. Download


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