Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Manual installation of FMIC Vauxhall Astra VXR

Installation instructions:
1. Jack up the front of the car and secure the axis is, so that the front wheels both are off the ground and you can safely work underneath. Remove the grille by undoing three screws T25 and rocking grates and back to remove it from the bumper. 2. remove the two screws T20 in each the arc of a circle. 3. Work under the car, remove the three attachments, which undertray have to wscibskimi Central peg to loosen it and then deleting the entire setting. 4. Pull on both sides of the bumper from the attachments below extend by pulling hard since the end of the wheelarch. 5. Remove both foglight (if fitted) reaching up to the bumper and unclipping it by prising a blue tab with plastic 6. Unclip the top edge of the bumper by inserting a screwdriver into two fixings on both ends by the headlights and prising them and push the four clips down to loosen the upper part of the bumper. 7. If light washers are installed, place the bucket in the bottle washer and squeeze the hose attached to the bumper Assembly to delete it. Remove the wires temperature sensor the air from the rear bumper grille. Bumper can now be withdrawn from the car when you flush the bottle washer. 8. Remove the two parts of the foam from the ends of the bar (they simply Lift off), and the drill two rivets with 4 mm drill bit to be removed from the plastic reinforcement bumper 9. Delete both headlamps by removing three bolts foundations shown: … then remove the cables on the rear of the unit by tilting it forward projection and insert a screwdriver to the Red connector and prising outward to release the clip. Remove the front lamps and somewhere safe to store. 10. undo the three screws 13 mm at the end of each panel slam (you need to remove a single 10 mm bolts holding the top of the bottle washer to access).Download


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