Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2009 Porsche 997/997S installation instructions mufflers

Installation instructions:
1. place the car on a lift or safely jack up car as per the manual owner of Porscheand always use stands of Jack. Make sure that the car is safe on all 4 points. Delete both the rear wheels be easier access to parentheses rear silencer. Spray some WD40 or grease on the 2 screws on the back of the rear tyres, the silencer for 2 screws on the top of the silencer, and the connection header so bracket 2 bolts can be removed and sleeve clamps to connect basic and 2ndary silencer. 2. Remove the exhaust from a Downloadcar tips 997 with torque so as not to damage the bumper valance while removing the silencer 2ndary and for easy access to the screw flange header. 3. using a socket wrench 13 mm and loosen the nuts 2 on both the clamps the cores, which protect the base of the silencer to the silencer 2ndary slide them sideways and silencer 2ndary, because they will be again with a new system. 4. remove the 2 nuts in the bracket, which is sitting in the rear part of the silencer for rear tyres. Then remove the nuts 2 level on both sides of the silencer and heading a 13 mm socket wrench and a wrench open end small 13 mm for the upper nut on the triangular flange from its more difficult to achieve. Unlatch the silencer bracket, which sits on a 2ndary two bolts at the flange header and move onto the page. Now in order to remove the mufflers 2ndary car. 5. before installing the new mufflers on the car, place the pipe inlet correct, block off the coast and outlet pipes for mufflers with supplied 2.50 "V-band clamps and tighten slightly because it will be more difficult to do so later in the installation. Received two pipe inlet different for the two different levels of noise and CAP off for this, which is not in use.Download


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