Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2002 2003 Subaru Impreza lower grille Kit

1: here's the Subaru WRX lower mesh grille Kit part # SUB-1712 available in silver or black finishes.
2: here's our draft WRX with mesh grille GrillCraft added protection and style.
3: Start by removing the upper grille push for storing clips as shown.
4: there are two lower foundations clips down below long screwdriver will be exempt.
5: Now the grille may be removed.
6: Remove the bumper cover push clips.
7: remove the filler panel is a push on the back.
8: Remove the lamp in order to gain access to the clip behind it.
9: Unclip socket of the bulb of the reflector.
10: Remove push clip located behind the lens as shown.
11: Remove lower beam and unclip the bulb socket.
12: there is a hidden clip placed in the case of a push bumper coordinating.
13: Remove push clip is located in the Centre of lower bumper.
14: Remove fender bolts well with plastic.
15: Delete fender well push the clip icon for a splash screen.
16: Now the bumper cover can be removed.
17: place the gratings GrillCraft to open the bumper section and mark the opening of the Centre of the mounting tab.
18: using drill 3/16-bit drill mounting bolts.
19: install the supplied "U" nuts for the mounting tabs, as shown.
20: fasten the bolts from the rear side.
21: WOW! Great styling with additional protection.
22: Fits like a glove.
23: Presented below with a black grill.get


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