Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Impreza 2.5RS wheel bearing instructions

This how-to is based on my experience in replacing rear wheel bearing on my 2.5RS 2000. I believe that this is one of the more difficult configurations to work with, in view of the e-brake and transverse link bolt holes. Generally this should be very similar to whatever car you have. There are different ways in this way, many people prefer to simply take the entire knuckle and visit a shop, are all down and new things down. Method of falling here do not require a delete with a knuckle.
There are several things you will need to do differently:
-You have to brake and if event e can be taken off block. Update: you need to do this! You need only part of the event e brake.
-You will need to enter for personal use, whereas removing/mounting tool to use instead of a single one (easy to do from around $ 20 worth of materials from the Home Depot). See FAQ for details on how to create and use this tool.
-You will need to install seal, again using rubber mallet. Update: Easier method in this way is to use the remains of the old bearing (inner/outer races around approximately the size of the seal) to the internal seals and bearing removal tool we make on the outer seal.
The FAQ covers the difficult bits process in detail, I've tried to follow along the steps as much as possible. Carefully read it. Suggestions, corrections and additions are welcome!
How much does it cost to do in the store?
If the car is relatively new (1-3 years), probably $ 250 or so in the dealership.
If the car is like mine or older … expect more than $ 400.
How much will this cost?
Cost of parts is slightly more than $ 100. Tools may cost another $ 50.
How long will it take?
It took me over 10 hours ... but I'm a total newb when it comes to work on cars
Update: took me probably 6 hours at an easy pace for the second time. I'm still newb!
What tools do I need?
Minimum should have a basic set of sockets and wrenches, hammer, rubber mallet, the breaker bar, 32 mm (axle nuts), PB blaster, some needle nose pliers, screwdrivers and a hammer slide (can be rented from Autozone). To remove the bearings, you saw and exercises with big bit (> 1/2 "). You may also need … flashlight, large nest (~ 36 mm), the spring brake and sledge hammer. Update: Vernier caliper Brake grease. 2-3 cans brake cleaner – can never have too much brake cleaner. Anti-seize, put it on all the screws, particularly with a lightning bolt lateral


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