Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1998 Volvo 850/V70 serpentine belt removal installation instructions

Installation instructions:
1. lift the coolant tank and place on top of the engine. You will need to unclamp the sensor the level of coolant at the bottom of the tank, but there is no need to take-off from coolant hoses. The coolant should not leak from the CAP, the Tip on its side. If so, you need to buy a new CAP as soon as possible. 2. Insert the serpentine belt tensioner tool (thanks again for the purchase!) into a square hole in so far as it will go. If the tool does not it fits, try cleaning the square opening in the tensioner to remove corrosion.With open-end wrench 3/4 (or large wrench adjustable) enable the tool to the front of the car. 3. tension was released from the waist down, insert the metal pin to the front of the tensioner to hold it open. There will be two holes that line up for this purpose. It should be obvious, when you can see. Remove the tool from a square hole. 4. remove the old belt by first pulling it off with pulley idler, for the first time. 5. Before attempting to install a tape block Open tensioner with tools and personal identification number (pin). 6 of the strap passes through all pulleys which lips/ridges on them for the first time. Finish the task by routing by pulley idler (smooth) last. The tape will not go into any other way, no matter how hard pull! 7. Wooden measure will make this task infinitely easier. Use it to route the belt around the Crank and a/c pulleys, and other items at the bottom. You should also use it to push the belt on pulley idler, since space is way too tight to get a hand there. 8. Route belt properly. If you are using a new belt, will probably go on as in the illustration on the right side. If you restart Your old belt, can still be distributed as on the left. Keep in mind before its launch. If your belt fit (and are at step 6), you may not be routed it correctly. Download


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