Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Phantom Roadster manuals – optional wiring

roadster Phantom, the necessary connections, turn signals, a Web site, switch brake section deals, fiero, tail lamp, lamborghini, relays, lamps, stocks.This section deals with some optional wiring, which may be needed depending on how to build a car.
Tail light connection cables Fiero OEM
The following diagram shows the stock wires Fiero. Uses more lamps than Lamborghini. The second diagram show the modifications, which will be necessary to eliminate the additional lights and make the necessary connections to OEM Lamborghini tail lights as well as on the third stop lamps can be connected.
You can take each element separately.
1. Add a new relay
Be sure to add a third forward to control light alloy. Interesting Orange wires, which come from the existing two relays next to energize new. Cut white wire from the switch of brake and start it for the new relay. Cut wire yellow and green, go to the existing brake light/Turn signal. Connect them together with the third wire for light braking Centre to communicate, which is driven by the brake


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