Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Subaru Keyless entry installation instructions

Installation instructions:
1. remove the one screw plastic and two metal screws arrows indicated by. Remove the lower dash Panel by pulling the top of the dash Panel lower towards you. 2. unplug the four harnesses (two white housing, Brown a and one housing a black) on the dash Panel lower. Then completely remove lower dash Panel. Note: If you want to disconnect the black housing, Insert or driver screws and lift the black housing. Black housing can be easily detached. 3. remove the two nuts M6, as indicated by arrow in Figure 3, securing both door lock timer module. Keep nuts for keyless Entry module installation. Disconnect the cables lock doors with cube timer and reject module. Disconnect the 6-pin and 16-pin extension cable with connector, 16-pin (white cap). Reject pipe extension. 4. Insert a 16-pin (white housing) to keyless Entry module. 5. install the module keyless entry to the location of the previously used by the timer lock doors and secure it in place with two nuts M6 removed in step 3. Refer to figure 4, which shows the installed keyless entry mo-dule.Download


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