Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Installation instructions for the 06-122B Vauxhall

installation instructions:
1. remove the headunit with Dashboard and disconnect existing stereo headunit looms behind. Ensure you have a security code for reconnection (if applicable). 2. plug the male end of the interface Autoleads lead the mobile to the rear of the headunit. Then connect the existing cable car to the female end of the interface of mobile Autoleads lead. 3. Locate the ignition switched power and feed it to the flight of the blue on mobile interface Autoleads lead. 4. Then plug jack 3.5 mm speaker and 4 microfit way Black power to the set of the free hand. Using the adapter with Autoleads 06-4 # # B range for easy connection to sets of non-Nokia. 5. Install the rest of the set of free hand in the usual way (telephone cradles, antenna, microphone, etc). 6. Make test call to check that the head is mute) body and (b) sound coming through the speakers) of the vehicle. 7. speakerphone volume, you can customize by using the ustawienia menu on the unit head of the Vauxhall/Opel. 8. connect the external antenna (if applicable). Enter another call test after installation to confirm correct operation. Download


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