Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Volvo XC90 GW500 installation instructions

Installation instructions:
Step 1: Put the ignition in the II place sequential gear lever in most of the rear.
Step 2: Remove panel from the control sequence.
Step 3: remove the unit Radio. Remove all cable radio. DO NOT DELETE ANY CABLE FROM AIRCO, UNLESS IT HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED BATTERY CAR!.
Step 4: connect the cable to the radio as follows. (it should be to "create" the situation of the cable, as shown, remove the blue pins plug-in fiber switch plug-ins).
Step 5: Put the dipswitches GW500 to the following situations.Step 6: connect the iPod cable, USB cable, CD-C/iPod switch and power cable to the GW-500.
Stage 7: connect the cable to power the car. You can connect the power cables that were removed from the plug-in fiber. (only Feb or clip mount directly to the cable coming from the small plug square).
Step 8: Now, make sure that no cables with airco units have been removed. Temporarily reconnect all cables to the Radio. reboot (do not install needed so far!) Reconnect the battery, while the key is in the mode II.
Step 9: Test the basic functionality. Make sure that the mode switch is GW500. (Tip: modus CD-(C), it looks like a CD). Simply play the iPod, and if you hear a sound, it is all fine. If your radio is not at all to enable connection, check the glassfiber/cables. The cable is "not on the right".
Step 10: drill down the whole Chamber gloves, preferably on the left. Mount the iPod holder, holder and USB switch as shown below.Download


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