Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Installation instructions for the 944 Centre console

Installation instructions:
1) delete the ashtray. 2) remove the radio. (In fact you don't have to. You'll see later.) 3) in the cartridge holder, at the back are two bolts. Delete them. 4) in front of the cartridge holder, where sitting ashtray, there are two small screws. Delete them. Now it should be possible to remove the cartridge holder. 5) On the rear part of the crop are two small screws to move. Delete them. 6) the removal of the Pocket, which is located under the radio. Simply pulls. 7) of the shift boot still attached Downloadshould be able to Lift this crop from the console. It will be necessary to remove the boot with the crop. The Boot is attached to the trim ring of plastic that clips to the bottom of the crop. Carefully free clips and boot will come free. Now it should be possible to crop a moving slip. 8) unplug the wires from the switch. Cables should be numbered. Starting from 1 on the left. They will be combined in that order. 9) Remove console Centre while retaining screws. One each on both sides, until the front. 10) now you can remove the Center console. Slide it into the rear of the car. Lift it over the move. If you can radio in, you must first disconnect. 11) there are brackets 2 attached to the dash is used to store the centre console. One for each side of the centre console. Remove the parentheses from the dash and set them to the centre console. They must be on a new line. There is a Yes, turn left and the right to these supports. Note their orientation.Download


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