Wednesday, May 25, 2011

installing the Shift-I to MY00 Subaru WRX

This should be the same theory for all the WRX to the difference between MY00 and shape of the body are only MY01 and different colored lines is exactly the line is the same as you can.
1. you should: Shift-drag-and-A screwdriver is A multimeter-wire wiĆ³rkowania-A soldering iron is a built-in clip (only if you are like me and not Feb very well!
2. Start unscrewing and removing Scrivet on the side of the dash
3. remove the drawer changes
4. Unscrew screw above release Bonnet
5. Pull firmly on the side of the lower-left portion of the dashboard and should pop out
6. Remove the dash cluster by unscrewing screw 3
7. Pull the cluster strongly page.
8. unscrew the 3 screws holding the dashboard.
9. carefully remove the cluster and to remove all plug-ins (3 total. Have patience with this!)
10. Now you will see 3 clips, Green
11. forget about left and Central plugs green, only we need to deal with the right Plug Green
12. as shown in the diagram attached wiring for WRX we only need to deal with the wire number 9 (Orange Wire) (they are marked, some positive eyes or a magnifying glass is of the utmost importance here!)
13. Or Strip wire or use clip inline wire # 9 (I chose for the clip, built-in because my soldering skills are horrifying!) and insert a BLUE SHIFT-and wire run inline with the Orange # 9 wire.
14. Put the cluster back in and make sure that all the clips SNAP into place 3 (be careful, once again, that doesn't bang or scratch cluster dash)
15. remove the lower half of the steering column (3 screws to remove)
16. the columns should be now turn off the car, unplug the light plug-ins with steps 4 and 5 give more space to work with.
17. Find 12Volts off of the car. We chose to run it off the ignition, as I felt you do this in this way. There are 4 points on the barrel. Earth multimeter and touch every point of the positive lead (red) counter. If you have the ignition Off, 2 of them should be the provision of 12 v, does not have these with them. Find the point which is not volts and jumps to 12 V, then turn on the ignition, you'll find the point of need (MY00 and MY01 is the point of the bottom and I would be the same for all models of Impreza!)



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