Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Subaru Legacy/Liberty/Outback sound system installation instructions

Installation instructions:
Step 1: unplug the negative Battery Cable and wait for 10 minutes. Why do this? Because we work directly over the air bag control module, one static discharge can inflate the cushion. In practice, never I have accidentally airbag inflation, but better safe than sorry.
Step 2: cord control climate from the duct heater. ???? Models of the climate control???? Below the passenger side of a cable from the brake rotor temperature is connected to a heating pipe. If this cable is not disconnected, this is more difficult to pull radio attached to a range, which has also selects the control climate change. Damage to cable (the kinks) can also cause if you omit this step.Step 3: Remove trim manual transmission vehicles transmission step 3a: loosen the knob shift lever . Rotate clockwise counter knob moving until it is free. It is attached to the boot of the skin, so don't yank it completely outside. Step 3: remove the control panel. Gently pull does not force or twist.
Step 4: remove the ashtray.
Step 5: delete the "lower bin". Two bolts keep container in place after the screws are removed, the container lifts easily out.
Step 6: remove the ashtray of the frame. Two hidden bolts in place around the frame. To this end, it should be short, screwdriver or 1/4 plugs and screwdriver bit combinations. If the bolts are too tight for a screwdriver, you must use the zapadkami method, it works!Download


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