Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Volvo V50 HID installation instructions

Installation instructions:
1. Take a set of procedures and Arrange everything. 2. screwdriver Use to remove the grill. Owner's manual has been explained, but basically you want to push up to the hole in the grill, and then use the screw driver to eject the grill towards you. You will need to use some force if grill rarely has been removed. 3. Use T25 Torx driver to remove a single fog lamp on a bolt holding a car and pull light be fog. 4. press the clip button in the OEM and pull the connector cable from the connector. Remove the type of filament lamp twisting it to the left. 5. the bulb HID can now be installed. Remove the plastic protective case with bulb and install the bulb by inserting and twisting to the right. 6. we now need to install the ballast. The Rag and some degreaser some (Orange cleaner can work properly) and cleaning outside the area where fog installs as shown. This area is part of the protective panel in the car and usually will be deleted if it is to change the oil. This proved only a satisfactory place to mount the ballasts, but Welcome to mount them anyway. If this Assembly we threaded ballast plastic with Double-sided Sticky pad (you must remove the Panel from under the car using Basic) using the screws. Due to the lack of a Jack, we cannot delete panal so we have simply used enables Double-sided Sticky pad to the bottom of the ballast and stuck into a clean plastic. Note: it is important to make sure that all surfaces are free from grease otherwise Sticky pad will not be correctly stick.Download


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